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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tips How to Take Good Care of your Nails

Everyone wants to have good looking and strong finger nails, especially the ladies out there. However, there are many women that have problems with their nails.
Here are some tips from me and ms Sara  of SaraBeautyCorner my favorite nail art Guru.

Personally, I am recommending wearing gloves in washing dishes.  Commercial dishwashing liquids have chemicals that are harmful to our skin and sometimes can cause skin cancer. Even if you are gardening gloves help protect our nails from breaking and reduce dryness.
Olive oil, I also believe is the best moisturizer. Just use a few drops onto the cuticles and around the nails then massage. Do it regularly, everyday or 3 to 4 times it is up to you, but for my hands and fingers I do it twice a day. This will keep your fingers and nails healthy and shiny.

But of course, do not forget that eating healthy foods is also the main factor of having a healthy body.

Here are more tips from SaraBeautyCorner:

I hope  these tips will help to attain the best good looking fingernails that you are longing for.


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