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Monday, January 27, 2014

Dot to Dot

 This is my first time using red nail polish, and I like the outcome. Actually, I wanted to have a heart design, but I changed my mind. There are 5 simple designs here:

1. On my thumb it is red with white dots. It is so easy, I didn't use any tools here except for a toothpick.
2. Is my Index finger, I call it minnie tiny black eyes. As you can see it is Red my base color and white tip with black dots.
3. Index finger, dotting the line? Or crossing the line? Whichever, anyway, Yes, the white dots are centered on line between black and red.
4. Ring Finger, this is the one that I like so much, white petals. It is so easy and simple, just make five dots for the petals and one silver dot in the middle of petals for the bud.
5. Pinky Finger, well, this was the simplest, only black and red.
These designs would match if you're going on a Valentine's Date this coming 14th of February.

See you on my next post.
Comments and Suggestions are very much welcome.
Thank you.

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