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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nails and Nail Arts

Green Floral Nail Sticker

This is only a simple design that anyone can do.
A persian green nail polish from the sister of my friend who is living in Australia. 
I like green colors, aside from this is the color of nature, it also symbolizes life, master healer and of course MONEY. 
By the way, let us back to nail polish, this is a double coat, because  I want to reach the real color of Persian green. I like it. It turned out "greeny"! 
I added the flower decals after 2 hours enjoying the nail polish.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dot Penguin Nails

Jolly and bright penguin nails.

Different  colors of Bobbie and Chic nail polish combined
together and with the help of dotting tools.
Nail art came up with a good and positive look.
I like different colors of nail polish, but I can't do that everyday. Since I am a full time online staff of Mobileworks I can only do this after work or during my rest day. 

                   My Little Buddy "Wooden Dotting Tool"
A present from my eldest son's  fiancĂ©e. This can be purchased at most any cosmetics supply or beauty shops.

Monday, February 18, 2013

my Salon Shaper

A Battery operated Nail Decorator or they call it
Salon shaper. It gives my nails treats with this 
Professional rotary grooming set.  Obtain a perfect
result within a minute with this interchangeable tips.
It has on and off button that makes easy to use.

Here are the tips and their uses:

The Diamond Cone - - - - For removing calluses or dead skin.

The Grinding Barrel - - - - For Flattening, smoothing thick nails and rippled surfaces.

Small Grinding Barrel - - - It removes the cuticles and clean 
corners that are hard to reach.

Flat Emery Head - - - - The coolest tip, this is to shape, sculpt,
and trim nails. This is very helpful for the ladies who has
acrylic nails or "fake nails".

Felt Cone - - - - My favorite to use. It polishes nails to a
 healthy shine, it is basically a buffer.

No worries in using this, because I assure you  no worries
no pain at all. This is available online and some cosmetic
shops closer  you. 


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pink Glitters Radiant Nails

Time to reward those tired fingernails, that had been ticking the keyboard almost 8 hours a day.
I started off polishing with a base sheer peach color, this will help if you have nail  discoloration  or bruises. I chose micro fine pink glitters of China Glaze nail polish
collections. I am not contented with the result it looks normal and very common, I added some flower decals, see it is more pretty!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tuesday Challenge

Last Tuesday  was a boring day  for me and I was stuck with nothing to do but stare at my toes.

Hmmm… a thought came to my mind. Let’s make boring Tuesday into a fun "toesday"!

I grabbed my Nail Art kit and dig into what I have available. 

I am not a nail expert but I am very persuasive to learn and I have a wide imagination for creativity. 

So, I used Bobbie black nail polish for the base then I picked out the snowflake nail decals 

to lighten up the design then for final coating I used Bobbie natural nail polish to give it a shinier look.

Bobbie Nail Polish
Php 34.00 ( $ 0.80)
Available at any local cosmetic shops

Nail stickers can be found in beauty shops round the globe, 
If you are in the Philippines these are available in Watson’s Cosmetic Section for only $1 per pad.

My Foot Spa at Home

Lately I have suffered from and tired feet, I think I need a good and relaxing  foot soak. But I am not going to an expensive Spa Center, for just pennies
you can create your own foot bath spa at home. I am
going to share  you my cheapest foot spa, this is
called "Sea Salt Soak".
You will need a gallon of water,  one cup of honey, and half cup of regular salt, 
And a few drops of peppermint essential oils.
Mix them together and soak your feet for about 30 minutes.
Voila! There you have it, pampering your tootsies, they deserve it.
Plus the Doctor's agrees that  a 15 to 30 minute foot soak a day will help
Your entire body relaxes.

Here I saved almost Php 600.00 ($ 14.28). Not bad right?
What about you do you have any Do It Yourself stuff?

Monday, February 11, 2013

My First Nail Sticker

Since I am not a professional nail art designer, The Nail stickers are my option
for a stunning designs like this. I have never used stickers before, this is my first 
try, I chose flower design, I want to see how it will look like on my fingernails,
and I like the result.

I bought this for only $1 per pack from the nail art shop.
You can buy this online actually and there are many designs and colors to choose from.