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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Foot Treats by Watson's

Foot Treats anti bacterial Foot Soak by Watson’s

Here once again I am sharing what I purchased downtown.  This is my first time to buy Foot Treats Products of Watson’s.  Normally hubby and I go to our favorite salon if we want to treat our feet. The least cost is Php 600.00 ($13.95). So I decided to buy these products and have our own “Do It Yourself “foot spa.  

Below are the exclusive products from Watson’s 

Foot Treats anti-Bacterial Foot Soak (250ml)

Ingredients : Aqua, sodium laureth sulfate, Glycerine,  Triclosan, Fragrance, PEG 40 hydrogenated castor oil, Menthol crystals, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid , colorant and DMDM hydantoin.

Directions for use: Mix a few drops to our tub or soak water and bubble. Wash your feet and soak for a few minutes. Rinse with clean water.

Claims: Everyone loves clean, soft and healthy feet. And now by using new Antibacterial Foot Treats Foot Soak you can attain that. Cleanse and deodorize your feet and enjoy bubbling pleasure.

Results: I love the smell of citrus, that is no doubt, and it has lots of bubbles with just a few drops. My feet were soft after soaking and I am ready for a scrubbing session.

 Foot Treats Magnolia antibacterial Foot Scrub (250 g)

Ingredients:  Aqua, Glycerine, Cetyl  Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Stearic Acid TP, Triethaolamine, Mineral Oil, Isopropyl, Myristate, Titanium Dioxide, Menthol Crystals, Apricot Srcub, Walnut Scrub, Hydantoin, Fragrance, Colorants.

Directions for use: Put Generous amount onto palm and massage all over the feet including the ankle area. Rinse thoroughly. Towel dry.

Results:  After giving my feet a break, now I could say I am ready to shop again, Ha ha ha, just kidding. 
Dull skin removed from my ankles, and my toes were soft and much healthier.
For sure, I will be doing this once in a week.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bobbie Nail Polish

 Bobbie Nail Creme and Petals

I add 3D Nail Sticker

How many months has it been now since the last time I posted about nail polish? I forgot to count, but it doesn't mean I stopped polishing my nails anymore, as a matter of fact I do this twice in a week.
Here is one of my collections, Bobbie Nail Creme. Affordable, and less than  a dollar per bottle, available locally, also many colors to choose from and toxic free.!

Bobbie Nail Creme
Bobbie Nail Polish
Blue Sleigh
Php 34.00 ($0.80)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Best Deal

                Everything is  on Sale at Celine (SM Clark).
     As a mom I always look for less expensive but with quality and WoW, I got the best deal ever. A 50% discount.
Another pair of wedge sandals but this time from Celine. They are elevated with double straps in the front. They feel good and are easy to walk in. The same style as what I had. 
     I said I love Sales, sales and more sales. What more could I ask for? $11.65 for a pair of wedge sandals and look at the brand! As we all know Celine is one of the most trusted brands of shoes here in the Philippines.

The best match for these great sandals:

     While hubby and I were still strolling around downtown, we discovered one boutique having a year end clearance sale. 
  Yes,  More fun for me
     This dress was on a 70% sale, only ($6.40), no second thoughts, the fitting, walking, looking in the mirror, ...Paid!
This dress is light so it is cool. It has a bright flowered pattern and can be worn for casual or semi-formal dinner . 
Shopping is so much fun and even better if you get a good deal.