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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Simple Exercise at Home Without any Equipment

I was chatting with my online work mate Cai, while I was on my break time. She brought up the topic about exercise. She was saying she needed to lose weight as she is gaining so much weight now.  But her problem is, She can't leave her youngest daughter if she is going to jog or go to any fitness gym facility.
I know she is not alone with this problem. There are many " Work at Home Mothers (WAHM)", "Stay at Home Mothers (SAHM)" or "Full Time Mothers" that have the same concern. Being tied up with our house errands it is hard to budget our time, especially if the children go to school every day.
To burn off inches without spending money is easy, but it does require determination, everyday dedication and time management. Hmmm.. determination?? Yes, determination to lose weight ladies!

Here are some few suggestions from me:

- Warm up and stretch first before doing exercise at least 5 to 10 minutes, to get your blood and muscles flowing.

- Do jumping Jacks (laundry time) while the washing machine is or while meat is boiling when you are cooking.

- Push ups, while waiting for your kids returning from school.

- Jog in place while watching TV instead of sitting on the couch.

- Light Weight Lifting, no need to buy weights, a can of green peas would do or anything similar in your kitchen. You can also use water jugs, detergent bottles, liquid dishwashing bottles. Walk back and forth carrying one of these filled with water swinging your arms. If you have a second floor much better.

Do this 45 minutes every day and eat reasonable amounts of a balanced diet.
See the difference after 3 weeks.

If these are not enough, or want other ideas, then I suggest you visit 


That's all for today's Healthy Tips.
See you on my next post.

Credits for Google Image for the Images above and
XHIT DAILY for the video.


  1. Those are great tips! Jumping jacks and squats are great for quick cardio. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
    Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

    1. Hello Ms Christine, Thank you.
      You are right they are so easy steps also.

  2. Fat burning activities... Wow...I like the jog in place while watching TV since I do not have time to go jogging outside.. Thanks for this tips sis..

    1. Make sure jogging in palce sis not sitting ha ha ha

  3. I have observed that i am getting fat because of my lifestyle EAT-COMP-SLEEP which is really bad. Love your ideas. Great tips. I jog in my room stationary

    1. Hello Ken, Thanks for dropping by. I think most of the blogger has the same problem. We gain fats easily . But, there are many ways to burn those fats.

  4. Replies
    1. hello ms Sarah, thank you. Same here I am burning my fats too.