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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Did You know That Dark Chocolate is more Healthier than Fruits?

    While watching early the morning news, I was surprised when I heard about this. So I ended up consulting Mr. "Google" to find out if it is true. Well, according to some studies, it is a big YES! So, It is a goodbye feeling of guilt over eating lots of chocolates or reaching just one truffle after meals. 
     I love  dark chocolates, especially the pure 70% dark chocolate of Lindt , but I never knew that it is better than fruits. All I knew was dark chocolate is good for the heart, but I did not know that it has more antioxidants than fruits. 
According to some US experts and Scientists, Cacao seeds should be considered as a "Super Fruits" and products derived from cacao seeds extracts, such as natural cocoa powder and dark chocolate as "Super Foods".
    It all sounds too good to be true for chocolate lovers, but it doesn't mean we should slow down eating fruits or having fruits on our table. There are nutrients that we need from fruits that the dark chocolate doesn't have. It is still a matter of balancing our food or diet every day.
I suggest Eat a Healthy and Balanced Meal every day.

For more Information about dark chocolate, you can visit the link provided below:

NBC 2  Dark Chocolate Healthier than Broccoli?

THE HINDU "Super Food" Dark Chocolate are Healthier than Fruits: Study

SAN FRANCISCO GATE What is Flavonoid in  Chocolate?

Dark Chocolates that I Love the most:

All Lindt chocolates are available at all leading Supermarkets especially at Walmart or Walgreens.
This is also available in Philippines, like Puregold, SM Hypermarkets, Landmark Supermarket etc.
3.5 oz
$ 2.48/pc (Php 110.46/pc)

Hersheys Chocolates the most common chocolates. Can find them everywhere.
6.8 oz 
$29.60/24 bars ( php 1,317.20/24 bars)

Goya Dark Chocolates from Philippines
Php 24.00/bar ($0.53)

What about you, do you have any favorite dark chocolates?
Come and share them here.

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